An independently owned and operated business serving the greater Northwest of Tampa area (589 & West).

We’ve conducted cleaning of every variety – from residences to commercial and construction sites – our life’s work. Give us a call today and see what a difference we can make for you.

Our Vision

At Apex Clean Service, we strive to serve each and every customer in order to meet their specific and unique requirements as we find that this is what sets us apart from other cleaning services. In addition to providing superior Customer Service, our customers also notice our fanatical attention to detail when cleaning to the point where when we are done, the premises look and feel brand new!

Finally, we are totally committed to cleaning for health as a core principle as we believe that we are on the front lines of helping homes, businesses and schools be as clean as possible not only for aesthetically pleasing purposes, but also for the prevention of germs (whether bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa) and sickness in general.

Bacteria are tiny and single-celled organisms that live from their environment such as a child or other living organism. While some bacteria are good such as that in our digestive tract, other bacteria can cause cavities or infections in our bodies. Viruses such as COVID-19 for example are smaller than bacteria and use another cell’s structure to reproduce and they cannot survive without a host such as a person, animal or plant. On the other hand, Fungi are multi-celled organisms. It gets nutrition from plants, food and animals in damp and warm environments. Protozoa also loves moisture and spreads by contaminated water and requires a host to live as well. However, with the right cleaning methods, all types of germs can be eliminated. This is where it pays to hire a professional to routinely keep your environment spic-and-span and as health promoting as possible!

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