Fast House Cleaning Tips

1. Clean the whole house, not one room at time

Start with one task at a time such as dusting, vacuuming or mopping instead of going from one room at a time and re-starting each task all over again.

2. Gather all your cleaning tools in a caddy

Use a caddy, bucket or tote to hold all your tools in one portable place instead of otherwise. This will save you huge amounts of time.

3. Clear the clutter

Prepare the environment for more detailed cleaning by removing any or all big items in the area such as shoes, laundry etc. At the same time, decide whether you should put away, throw away or donate anything.

4. Dust and vacuum

Change the sheets in the bedrooms before starting these activities.

5. Wipe mirrors and glass

Use a damp microfiber cloth followed by a dry cloth for all such surfaces.

6. Disinfect countertops and surface areas

Use a non-toxic disinfection cleaning solution.

7. Focus on tubs, sinks and toilets

Spray these areas and let it sit for a few minutes and then return and start scrubbing. Don’t forget to wipe down the inside of the microwave and clean the toilets last.

8. Sweep, then mop

Mop from the farthest part of the room and work towards the door so as not to mop yourself in. Rinse the mop after every 4-by-4 foot area.

9. Keep moving when you vacuum

Don’t worry about every nook and cranny, get through the entire house especially at least one pass at every carpet.

10. Don’t forget to routinely wash your cleaning tools

Keep your tools always clean, otherwise, you just may create more work for yourself or slow your progress greatly due to essentially re-work.

11. Make cleaning a group activity

Get the whole family involved assigning specific task to each person. Ya right…we know how that usually goes especially with different schedules, cleaning styles and not to mention getting the kid’s off the couch and social media…

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